The "Consorzio Olio di Seggiano" was founded in 2002 under the spur of a group of local entrepreneurs dedicated to the production of the extra-virgin olive oil from the processing of the local cultivar, the Olivastra di Seggiano. The association was formed in order to improve its quality and its characteristics, by promoting the adherence to a code of conduct for local producers.  

In fact, this particular sort of olive oil presents many characteristics which continue to be preserved: a particularly hardy and wild cultivar,  which grows on the slopes of Monte Amiata in secular olive groves ranging up to 600 meters over the sea level. This unique set of circumstances combine to produce an oil with a taste and aroma found only on the mountain. Its benefits extend beyond taste: the oil has also a high percentage of antioxidants and vitamin E.  

Ever since it was founded, the Consorzio Olio di Seggiano has been actively engaged in promoting the territory around Monte Amiata, drawing the public's attention to its special character, its products, its natural beauty, its history and the values of its local community.