Founded in 2002 in response to the incentive of a group of farmers and entrepreneurs, with the support of Comunità Montana, the Consorzio Olio di Seggiano seeks to defend the uniqueness of its own cultivar and the quality of its olive oil production in Italian and international markets.
Its members - about twenty charter members and over fifty actual associated members - are entrepreneurs who for years have worked on farming estates, oil presses and processing units in the area of Monte Amiata or are involved in economic and tourist promotion of their territory.
In force since the outset of the association, the self-regulating code of conduct represents the central pillar of the activities of the Consorzio, controlling the production with regulations about methods of cultivation and pressing. The Olivastra di Seggiano, in fact, must be produced only by those olive oil trees in the Consorzio's register and at least 85% must come from the cultivar Olivastra di Seggiano.
Beside ensuring that the self-regulating code is scrupulously adherent to, the Consorzio is involved in strengthening the position of the Olivastra Seggianese in both Italian and international markets, by enlarging its own distribution outlets and organizing activities linked to the brand's promotion, such as advertising campaigns and local events.
Not only does it protect the oil and its producers, but the Consorzio conscientiously supplies an accurate account of the nutritional characteristics as a guarantee commanding respect and attention for the end consumers, the last link in the long chain of production. The area of production of Consorzio di Seggiano extends over the municipalities of Arcidosso, Castel del Piano, Seggiano, Cinigiano, Santa Fiora, Roccalbegna, Semproniano and parts of Castell'Azzara's territory; in total, the olive groves in this area number 130.000 trees.