An oil of unmistakable quality.

Seggiano PDO is an extra virgin olive oil which must be obtained from olive groves that made up of at least 85% of trees belonging to the Olivastra Seggianese cultivar.

It’s green-coloured with golden yellow tones. It has a fresh and fruity aroma, with herbaceous notes of artichoke and secular aromas of white fruit; the flavour is clear and clean, in perfect harmony between bitterness and spice.


The feature that distinguishes it from other oils is the presence of a maximum total acidity level not exceeding 0.50% and a high degree of preservation. Altitude also affects the formation of unsaturated fatty acids (equal or greater than 78%). Except sporadic years, the crop does not undergo attacks by the oil fly or other plant bugs and therefore does not require anti-parasitic treatments. Its fragrance makes this product particularly suitable for dressing salads, vegetables, fish, legumes, soups and pinzimonio, an olive oil dip with pepper and salt as well as in rice-based dishes and for mayonnaise and ice cream preparation.